NEHI study update (US)

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Following up on an announcement we carried in July last year, that the Oakland CA-based Center for Technology and Aging had awarded five $100,000 grants for home-based care and disease management using telehealth, including one to the New England Healthcare Institute (NEHI), we note the first media report about progress in  Is remote patient monitoring the answer health care’s been looking for? (DotMed) – 4 pages to read through. The goals of the 200-patient study, using the Philips TeleStation, are to measure “the financial and clinical benefits and also see how patients like it and how physicians like it…One of our hypotheses is that in time, patients will learn what to look for and will learn how to do this monitoring of their conditions and internalize some of the questions that they’ll be answering on a daily basis, so potentially the technology won’t have to be used permanently.” [Heads-up thanks to Chrys Meewella, TANN England contributing editor.]

Ed. Donna note: Page 5 has an update on the MBAN spectrum dispute [TA 5 Aug, 27 July]; the aviation industry and Philips may have negotiated a sharing arrangement and that the healthcare industry has filed for use with the FCC. Altogether a well-written look at RPM and the surrounding issues such as reimbursement; what is skimmed over is where the data will go…and who will action it.