MyFlare launches moblie PERS app in Spanish

We’ve not noted MyFlare before, but here’s a good excuse – the launch of the emergency response app for iPhone and Android smartphones, now in Spanish. What does the app do?

  • calls 911 or the user’s designated non-911 emergency contact
  • automatically sends a message via SMS text and e-mail to 10 of the user’s pre-selected contacts, including the user’s current and ongoing GPS location
  • sends the user’s text and e-mail messages every three minutes to the pre-selected contacts with an updated GPS location
  • optionally sends 20-second video recordings capturing the user’s environment, attached to the e-mails
  • optionally “blasts a police siren”

How much? Currently a one-off $9.99. Spanish version press release. http://myflareapplication.comRemoveThisFromTheUrl/about [Note: the MyFlare website is flagged by Google as untrusted, Jan 2015].