mHealth Summit: videos, slideshows and other coverage

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Our space for articles about and videos of the mHealth Summit (Disclosure: Telecare Aware was a media partner of the 2011 Summit).

mHealth Summit official site:

  • Videos–US Surgeon General Benjamin keynote, HealthInterLink remote patient monitoring system demo, Day One exhibit floor highlights, HHS Secretary Sebelius keynote.
  • Slideshows–Days One and Two

Healthcare IT News: Tuesday (Day 2) live coverage, essentially a moderated commentary by reporter Chip Means which later on cuts into the Tweetstream. See more from Healthcare IT News below.

iHealthBeat (California HealthCare Foundation) Closing the gap between promise and adoption, commentary from Kate Ackerman. Ed. Donna’s summary/commentary: yes, mHealth is a market with tons of potential for entrepreneurs–just as telecare was in 2005-6. And the same impediments to growth: business, workflow, consumers should be driving it, payment reform to get away from fee for service negative incentive, it’s not relevant, culturally or otherwise, not affordable. What Ms. Ackerman is drawing our attention to, and letting us draw our own conclusions, seems to be to this observer–are we again crashing in the same car, and can we take a different route this time?

Laurie Orlov in her Aging in Place Technology Watch post-Summit musings stands off to the side and points to a big pothole in the road. All this whiz-bang gear seems to speed right by the huge potential in the un-sexy older adult and chronic disease market in favor of the souped-up, fuel injected, top geared smartphone and tablet platforms that intrigue the boys, yet again. (Sorry, guys) And a lot of it is fueled on grants and FFF*/early-stage financing as it waits for payers (read, CMS) to get the roadblocks off Dead Man’s Curve. (Boom, there goes the suspension…) See her comments on FitBit and Philips DirectLife and how they could be reworked to be useful and less expensive alternatives in the senior behavioral monitoring (that old devil telecare) market.

The Whole Nine Yards (for the ‘gluttons for punishment’):

  • Video for all sessions This is a complete list of videos for every keynote and all the main talks. This is, at least to Ed. Donna, unprecedented to have this publicly available. Hat tip to speaker David Doherty of 3G Doctor for the video list link; his article and slideshow from his panel ‘Examining the Clinical Value of mHealth: Clinician Perspectives on mHealth Technology’ also has a direct link to the panel video. Ed. note: the Mediasite video viewer does not seem to work in the Chrome browser, but is fine in Internet Explorer.
  • Twitter: #mhealthsummit

Update 15 Dec: a very dry gimlet of an article also in Healthcare IT News on the Ghost of eHealth Present walking the mHealth Summit floor (having presumably crashed in a VC-financed hot rod on Dead Man’s Curve a few years back). Lisa Suennen, a managing director of Psilos Group (in other words, an investor), finds much that is compelling, much that is frothy (another weight loss app?) and much that is reminiscent of the late ’90s Internet health bubble (remember Dr. Koop? the first iteration of WebMD? $100 million valuations and zero income?). She admits to being Scrooge-like and schizophrenic about it all (and she doesn’t even get into the telecare boomlet of the mid-2000s); Ed. Donna would remind her of the Four Big Questions** and recommend a good beach resort, where I’ll be at the next chair. mHealth: Hallelujah or Bah Humbug?

*The highly technical term for financing from Families, Friends and Fools
**FBQs: Who pays, how much, who views the data, who actions the data