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This is the most interesting robots article editor Steve has read for a long time, and does encourage one to think yes, robots could be the future of telecare (see Robosoft report). Technologist Paul Marks reports in New Scientist on some time he spent in an experimental robot-equipped house owned by the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, UK. He describes the experience of interacting with multiple robots. Definitely food for thought. One day in the robot house. Heads-up thanks to Toni Bunting.

[New 20 August] In more robot news, meet the University of Michigan’s MABEL, the world’s fastest two-legged robot, developed with funding from the National Science Foundation and DARPA (the real inventor of the internet). Springy legs, peak 6.8 mph speed, transitions from walking to running….The design of the legs have, according to the article, implications for human-assist exoskeletons [VA testing of Argo’s, TA 29 June] and prosthetics, as well as robot rescuers. ZDNet’s Emerging Tech article includes video (turn down your speakers as MABEL is not quiet!)