LivIndependa debuts (US)

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LivHOME, a large US provider of home care services, and Independa announced at the What’s Next Boomer Business Summit in Washington, D.C. their new partnership to offer LivHOME patients Independa’s Caregiver Web App (appointment and med reminders plus telehealth) and Angela social engagement platform (video, email, texting, picture storage/sharing). LivHOME historically has been an early adopter of technology in home care which makes it an anomaly [Editor Donna remembers its adoption of QuietCare in the early Living Independently Group days]. This is also good news for Independa which also recently developed a telehealth platform, Health Matters, to complement its Artemis system, and is incorporating Telcare’s blood glucose meter [TA 27 March] But it also makes one realize what a long, slow road adoption of technology in home care is, and if we are anywhere near a tipping point without reimbursement largely solved. Release.