Intel Home Health pilot with Erickson Retirement

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Intel and Erickson Retirement Communities, a large US CCRC, are piloting Intel Home Health with selected residents of Erickson’s Catonsville MD community.  It’s very descriptive of the daily routine this couple (age: late 80s-early 90s) has with standard multiple devices (blood pressure, glucose–which has to be entered manually, weight scales) as well as reminders and videos on a simple touch screen.  It also describes a sensor-based system that follows their daily living activities (QuietCare?)  It’s both reassuring in that early detection is being tested but dismaying in a real-world sense:  it’s taken a long time for Intel to get their system in pilot with a major CCRC, but once it’s over either the Woods will be paying privately for it at $100/month or losing it.  And what about the (non-reimbursable) monitoring?  Washington Post (with Kaiser Health News) article.