Home health automation as 'an adolescent with braces' (US)

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Integrating health monitoring into the home setting, in the US, is generally private pay. AV and automation installers¬†have marketed eHealth systems since at least 2006 (in Ed. Donna’s QuietCare days) yet it still is early days in the business. Lately there’s a greater level of interest among these¬†residential system ‘integrators’ whose main businesses are home security, energy management and home theatres. This article discusses their business challenges, such as customer perception (getting beyond ‘I’ve fallen and can’t get up’), insurance reimbursement, HIPAA compliance (if dealing with telehealth), the long sales curve and how to work with home health agencies. A positive sign is that the electronics installers industry association, CEDIA, has set up a Home Health Advisory Group which advises manufacturers and develops training materials. Laura Mitchell from GrandCare, which has been very active with CEDIA, was interviewed: her best line on the home health industry is “Maybe it’s better to say that it’s an adolescent with braces,” RX Integration. Residential Systems. (Ed. note: on her corporate blog, she corrects ‘Health Fronts’ to HealthSense, but we’ll correct that QuietCare is now part of the Intel-GE joint venture.)