eHealth business models should take a page from…

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…online pornography.

Lest you think that Ed. Donna has gone daffy from our late fall (autumn) cold or had too much glogg this past weekend, the perfectly respectable Nick Hunn asks us to take a closer look at this example of…a disruptive business model (what were you thinking?) His case: ten years ago, online porno seized the unregulated day and pioneered streaming video, compelling content (ahem) and the e-commerce (to pay for it) that gradually became commonplace on the simplest of sites today (and YouTube.) He’s looking for the parallel that would kickstart eHealth and mobile health. To him, there are too many people with a conventional medical background and conventional mindsets dominating companies. His suggestion is connecting with lightly regulated models like alternative health (‘the porno of health’) and cosmetics–which sell tons online–think laterally, ditch the propriety and learn from them. Mobile health needs some medical pornography. Hat tip to Neil Versel of FierceMobileHealthcare for spotting this and his acerbic, correct take on this.