ECHAlliance members: Expressions of interest for 'On-line Innovation Factory' (UK)

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‘Tis a pity that the word ‘ecosystem’ is so redolent of leafmould, worms and bugs, as the European Connected Health Alliance’s website is crawling with references to it. Actually, when technologists refer to ‘ecosystem’ one has to suspect that they mean a system that is so complicated that mere non-techies could not possibly understand it. The suspicion is that neither do they. So they bundle it all together (whatever ‘it’ is) and shroud it with the warm fog of jargon in the hope that something will take root and sprout. (The Continua Alliance is another organisation over-fond of ‘ecosystem’ too…hmm) So how does ‘factory’ come into it? The call for expressions of interest (only open to ECHAlliance members) is to join a Manchester-based ‘on-line innovation factory’ project which sounds fascinating. But could we have a plain language version? Thanks. Expressions of Interest – Project to Develop an ‘On-line Innovation Factory’.