Does this 'shake the world of telemedicine'?

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CJPS, which combines healthcare consulting and contract manufacturing with marketing a telehealth monitoring hub and connecting devices called VitalPoint [TA 10 Feb], is vigorously announcing in a release that in an ‘unprecedented move’, it has dropped ‘connectivity fees for caregivers to access patient data’ from their VitalPoint Home system. Now this is a puzzlement, because no company to my knowledge charges caregivers (whether family members or home health) to go onto a web portal to view data. It then goes on to state that the remote connectivity is ‘at no cost to the patient or caregiver.’ But the units need to be rented or leased (web page) although there is a ‘buy back’ program for other types of unspecified RPM units. Now Ed. Donna has staked more than one unique claim in her marketing life, but had she tried to pull this rabbit out of a transparent hat at one of her previous companies, many eyes, beady and glances, withering, would be fixed upon her. One suspects a strong application of feather merchantry. If someone from CJPS or an end user would kindly explain what is unique about this arrangement in Comments or by personal email to Ed. Donna, the above will be revised and yes, on the front page.