Device-free telehealth system uses phone and internet (US)

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California-based Karen Routt has devised a system to use a web browser and a telephone. Home care agencies using her service can arrange for patients to receive customized, scheduled, recorded messages. Such messages may reinforce a nurse’s instructions or remind a patient about medication side effects and whether to take them with food or not. Routt calls her product TeleBeneficiary Service. The patient needs only a land line or a cell phone. “I think of it as a stripped-down version of telehealth in that agencies can enable two-way communication but no equipment needs to be installed…As it is less involved, ramp-up time and costs are minimal.” she said. Full item from New Device-Free Telehealth System Emerges, Combines Internet with Telephone. Website.

[Ed. Donna note: This has a lot of elements with which our readers will be familiar–IVR (interactive voice response) is the US term–and bears similarities to the family caregiver-oriented FineThanx (TA 12 Apr 10) in the US and other services (see comments). ┬áNotable in that they have joined AgeTek, the senior care tech association, and have gained funding from the micro-fund Twilio Fund (Magnolia is built on the Twilio voice/SMS group messaging back-end–see New York Times article here on the advent of these services at the last SXSW)]