'Demented' Tunstall staff influence marketing decision

At last Tunstall’s flirting with Medical Intelligence Technologies (Columba Bracelet and Vega GPS Bracelet for people with Alzheimer’s) is over and it has been announced that it is going to market the Vega bracelet in the UK.

According to this MI press release, as part of Tunstall’s testing programme some of its employees daily acted the part of people with dementia to test the Vega’s features. So it appears that Tunstall’s ability to inspire cult-like devotion amongst its employees continues to flourish. What’s the secret? A rendition of the company song or group hugs to begin each morning?

Joking apart, this is serious news for Tunstall’s competitors as the bracelet looks like a good product despite its slightly disturbing name (shades of ‘vague’ – never mind all that ‘stellar’ guff on the website). Furthermore, Tunstall’s marketing machine is already in full swing to snatch a dominant position in the Alzheimer’s market niche, and not just in the UK. Its recently launched multi-lingual website www.alzheimers-support.com employs just about every known web design trick to keep visitors on the site and, in the guise of offering information, to present them with Tunstall products exclusively.

Medical Intelligence Technologies Vega page.