CSIP’s September Telecare eNewsletter published

The item most people had been waiting for, the headline news on the analysis of the CSCI performance data from social care authorities on their use of the Preventative Technology Grant (PTG) is predictably disappointing. Not because the figures look bad but because they are so hedged around with caveats that it is clear that any conclusions you might be temped to draw would be shaky indeed. At least the author had the integrity to resist spinning them. It will be interesting to see how the regional and individual authority data is presented in November.

Other items include:

  • a report of the recent visit by the Deputy Minister from Taiwan’s Department of Health, Mr Chen Tzay-jinn, who led a delegation to look at the implementation of telecare and telehealth in England (Item 3)
  • some detail on the successful bids for the Assisted Living Innovation Platform (ALIP) programme. This is actually the most interesting item in the newsletter. It shows not only the range of projects and companies involved but some ingenious project name acronyms (Item 4)

Download the pdf version of the September Telecare eNewsletter.