CSIP's October Telecare eNewsletter

CSIP’s October Telecare eNewsletter (PDF, 1.4Mb) was published a few days ago. Main items of interest are:

  • Item 1: The position for telecare one year on from Putting People First (PPF) [i.e did PPF make a difference?]; a list of questions for service commissioners [looks much like what was being asked back in 2005] and a link to UK telecare services on Google Maps. [A useful list of offices, maybe, but what’s the point of pinpointing the offices of dispersed services?]
  • Item 2: The latest position on charging and a charging survey for telecare. [This is fascinating reading and will be an eye-opener for people outside the UK who think that such a small country must have highly homogeneous services.]
  • Item 7: List of CSIP events including a forthcoming WSDAN telecare event on 22 January 2009

This month there is also a ‘Telecare Supplement’ containing advertorial-type information from suppliers which you can download here. (Word, nearly 5Mb.)

My advice to suppliers is that the supplement is a good way to get out more information than a straight press release but, as what you submit is posted unedited, make sure that you get someone to thoroughly edit it thoroughly first. (See who wrote “to effectively and economically deliver”!)