CSIP’s November Telecare eNewsletter

Hard on the heels of the WSDAN November newsletter came the CSIP November Telecare eNewsletter with the eagerly anticipated round-up of the analysis of the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) data from the 150 social care authorities on their progress relating to the Preventative Technology Grant (PTG) implementation concerning the numbers of people aged 65 and over receiving one or more items of telecare, and the expenditure on infrastructure, equipment and services.

Here is a link to the main webpage for those analyses, but I’d say it is essential to read the e-Newsletter item first for the context, the caveats and explanation of how to use the Excel spreadsheets.

As this is the last telecare eNewsletter under the CSIP brand, I’d like to say ‘thank you’ to Mike Clark for the hard work that he has put into their, and their predecessors’, production for over three years. Without Mike’s scrupulous attention to detail and patience with horrendous data, we would all be much less well informed.