CSIP's July Telecare Newsletter published

Apparently only in Word format this month, July’s CSIP Telecare Newsletter looks forward, as we all do, to September’s publication of the CSCI performance figures for 2008 and a major report on the Preventative Technology Grant which “brings together information from 2006 through to 2008”. It also flags up the changes to the CSIP Networks telecare programme which will become part of Independent Living Choices and Care Closer to Home. The CSIP Telecare Newsletter will continue but it will not be duplicating Whole System Demonstrators Action Network (WSDAN) materials.

As you skim through the long section of links to other materials, don’t miss the extract from the House of Lords questions on 21 July which begins on page 7 (or 8, depending on how your Word displays) where Baroness Greengross asks the Minister Baroness Thornton to explain why it has taken quite so long to implement the whole system demonstrators and how the Government intends to ensure that their targets are met. [What? You expect a real answer?]

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