Continua September newsletter published

You should be signed up to receive these yourself (here) as Telecare Aware is not going to report all the bits and pieces it contains. But the item that struck me as most significant was the ‘Vendor Assisted Source Code (VASC) Released’ item near the end which says “Continua recently released its first edition of Vendor Assisted Source Code (VASC) to its membership! VASC is shared software modules that help Continua members design Continua-compliant devices. By offering this free to members, Continua will save its membership hundreds of thousands of dollars in development fees while helping members jumpstart their products for Continua’s certification program.” In other words Continua has, in a single move, put non-members at a distinct disadvantage. Smart.

PS: Nice to see they have taken my advice at last and changed the unreadable grey text on their website to black.