Commercial minimally invasive glucose monitoring a step nearer (US)

Ultradian Diagnostics has announced the successful completion of a human pilot study for its minimally invasive, continuous glucose monitor (CGM). It has also set up a research and pilot prototyping partnership with the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) of the University at Albany. The pilot study showed that Ultradian’s Biologue CGM exhibited a high degree of accuracy as compared with CGM devices now on the market. The Biologue CGM includes a skin-adhered sensor module that works with a small intradermal sensor, which measures glucose in interstitial fluid. The sensor module sends data up to 10 feet to a proprietary hand-held monitor or personal computer for display and analysis. The device is painless during use and no adverse skin reactions were observed. Ultradian Diagnostics Partners With UAlbany NanoCollege to Ramp Up Research and Pilot Prototyping.