Centro de Servizi Montedomini, an innovative customer service organization (Italy)

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Centro de Servizi Montedomini is a state-owned agency dedicated to the care of older people in Florence. It provides health emergency services, rehabilitation, and social and health assistance to older and disabled people. To improve access, control expenses, and reduce the number of hospitalisation and emergency interventions, it initiated the Telecare Project, which uses video contact centres to diagnose and monitor patients without the patient having to travel to the Montedomini site. Through the video contact centre, Montedomini was able to provide broader access, targeting more than 2,000 patients as part of the Telecare Project and providing a platform that the people were comfortable with as a substitute for in-office visits. They are able to use voice and video for monitoring, emergency calls and scheduled check-ups.

Link to Montedomini website for information on the service.

News item noting that Montedomini was one of eight innovative customer service organizations, recognized by a panel of 22 global customer service industry experts for outstanding use of technology. News item.