Cardiologist 'gets' telehealth

It’s great to see Dr Lance Forbat, a consultant cardiologist in the UK so excited by, and committed to, the implementation of telehealth with appropriate patients that he has embedded it into his private practice. He uses Docobo equipment and told Telecare Aware “it has transformed the way I think about the management of my patients and is proving to be a masterful tool in their empowerment.

Dr Lance Forbat
Consultant Cardiologist
Dr Lance Forbat

“The days of decisions based on the ‘ten minute interview’ weeks apart, should be confined to history. In selected patients, where changes or titration of medication is critical to their wellbeing, continuous robust ‘objective’ data is invaluable. Pre-empting deterioration is also important in people with long-term conditions, improving quality of life. Evidence of reduced hospital admissions and mortality, is not yet here but, I believe, will emerge. Meanwhile patients should not be denied tangible benefits telemedicine now offers in their lives.”

Dr Forbat’s website for more information.