AT&T stepping up their health game, continued

Here’s more evidence that AT&T is major-league serious about expanding into healthcare. First there have been all the recent moves at AT&T ForHealth [see our September update], then an item on developing garment-type devices in a unit called AT&T Emerging Devices. Now Atlanta, Georgia-based AT&T Mobility is creating a new division called ‘Digital Life Services’–under AT&T Emerging Devices–which would ‘add “hundreds” of jobs and help consumers manage their home security, health care and energy use from far away’. And why? The traditional wireless business is saturated, whether it’s voice, data or smartphones/tablets. Where’s the market differentiation and the ‘billion dollar idea’? Right here, and AT&T has the deep pockets to do it. If you’re a developer of monitoring technology that is mobile, or could be connected, here’s a door to knock on. AT&T Mobility plans new division for wireless security, energy, health. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)