AT&T adds MedApps to ForHealth (US)

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The AT&T ForHealth portfolio has another major addition: remote monitoring developer MedApps. MedApps’ M2M data collection system (HealthPAL) will now use AT&T’s 3G network for uploading readings from a wide range of retail vital signs monitors to reporting on the HealthCOM portal. A major plus for MedApps is that AT&T will be co-selling MedApps’ system, as well as bundling MedApps with existing AT&T remote care applications and devices. These include Vitality GlowCaps, WellDoc’s DiabetesManager, eCardio monitoring as well as other telemedicine and assistive devices under development [TA 7 Nov]. (AT&T’s Healthcare Community Online, their health information exchange, is not mentioned, however.) What is clear is that AT&T, from a tentative start only a year ago, has been moving quickly (since October) and decisively to be a force in integrating eHealth for healthcare businesses, from the hospital to the physician practice–and in promoting cloud-based applications (MedApps’ CloudCare [URL “http://www.medapps.comRemoveThisFromTheUrl/PressReleases/September%202010-The%20Power%20of%20MedApps%20is%20Now%20in%20the%20Cloud.pdf” is reported by Google to be compromised by malware, 16 March 2015] platform prominently mentioned in the release). For MedApps, this is a well-deserved vote of confidence and opens up new markets. AT&T release