A dozen of 'cool tech' for health

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Information Week grooves on the tech that was on display at the Connected Health Symposium and the slideshow/commentary is…pretty neat. Highlighted: Independena’s Angela tablet, Healthagen‘s iTriage, Stratus Video‘s Video Waiting Room (!), GrandCare Systems, Zeo sleep monitor, the interesting handheld Athena GTX mini-Medic (which lets a caregiver monitor multiple patients), LifeImage, GenerationOne‘s mobile engagement messaging/interactivity platform… and for your weekend robot moment, VGo Robots and Vecna Medical’s QC Bot. 12 cool tech innovations keep you healthy.

But it doesn’t stop Telehealth faces challenges worldwide (same author reporting on that CHS session). On the good side, in developing countries there’s less regulation and no real established standards for developers to negotiate (in other words, they set the standard); on the bad side, there’s truly limited funds even for simple health texting–and where there is money, is the app ‘sticky’?