3millionlives: DH invests (UK)

At last, a sign that the Department of Health is more serious about the 3 Million Lives (3ML) initiative than has been previously apparent – the news that it is investing the time at least of Chris Wright as the Department’s 3millionlives programme manager, This is a welcome move. Chris has a long-standing interest in telecare and telehealth and will be an asset as he identifies and plans the programme’s objectives for the coming year. According to the Telecare LIN newsletter “This will include providing full visibility of the programme’s progress towards those objectives, co-ordinating the other workstreams, managing interdependencies and keeping all stakeholders fully informed.” Editor Steve is glad that someone will be keeping us fully informed because the 3ML website has gone strangely quiet with no news of this appointment or about what has happened concerning the part time project manager and ‘communications expert’ that the working group was supposed to be recruiting after the meeting at the end of February. Oh, sorry, that’s only three months of inactivity. Did the companies that invested £10k each expect more for their money?