$100K HIT data breaches daily: study

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According to a survey conducted by GlobalSign, an IT security specialist, breaches that cost healthcare organizations as much as $100,000 per incident are happening every day in the US, despite the focus of healthcare organizations on regulatory compliance:

  • 34% of respondents’ organizations have experienced a patient-records data breach within the past two years.
  • 10% of respondents believe that data breaches that cost organizations $100,000 per incident occur daily
  • Yet 56% of respondents are spending¬†25-100% of their workweeks devoted to compliance, with 54% spending the most time on HIPAA
  • 79% of respondents find that identifying effective tools that can provide both security and compliance is moderately to extremely challenging

Surveyed were 107 IT administrators, managers and C-level executives from organizations of various sizes, with 50 percent working for organizations that employ at least 5,000 people. HealthcareITNews. GlobalSign release.