Who pays for telehealth? Talkin' 'bout the First Big Question. (US)

Compact, all inclusive and spot-on analysis of the First Big Question* (who pays?) in the US, written by someone new to us, Rene Quashie, senior counsel at a Washington law firm not new to us, EpsteinBeckerGreen. It confirms that for many who need telehealth most, paying for it is still very uncertain–and for developers, another hurdle to overcome in implementation. In short, Medicare–highly restricted as to type, provider and where it’s provided; Medicaid–in 40 states, less restrictive, but telehealth as defined can be very expansive (California) or limited to PERS; private payers–all over the lot but state ‘parity’ legislation is forcing the issue. And there is hope at the end with Mr. Quashie’s opportunity list. The Real Issue in Telehealth: How Can I Get Paid? (EpsteinBecker’s TechHealth Perspectives blog) Hat tip to reader Ellen Fink-Samnick

* The Five Big Questions (FBQs)–who pays, how much, who’s looking at the data, who’s actioning it, how data is integrated into patient records.