University of Arkansas develops low-cost wearable micro-sensors

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The new micro-sensors are based on an organic semiconductor. “To meet the requirements for low-cost, large-area sensor applications such as smart fabric systems, the sensors need to be light, flexible, washable, and even disposable,” said Professor Vijay Varadan. “These requirements can hardly be satisfied with silicon-based sensors, which are inherently robust, brittle, limited in size, and expensive.” 


Organic sensor (Credits: Jung; Ji; Varadan)
(Picture credits: Jung, Ji, Varadan)


“It is expected that both the sensor network and wireless instrument can easily fit on garments like undershirts…these sensors that monitor patients’ vital signs, will collect data to be sent — by virtue of advanced wireless technologies including Bluetooth and WLAN — to an information hub in real time. By tracking patients’ statistics, doctors will be capable of instant responses to patients’ irregular health conditions.” article.