The long and winding road that leads to your door…in Northern Ireland

First, read this recent (17 Oct 2012) press release: 1000 Patients Across Northern Ireland are Benefiting from Improved Care Through Telemonitoring.

Then, for context, read this item from Telecare Aware two years ago: Q: What’s the difference between an African Elephant and ECCH? And for more background browse these items.

In Dec 2011 the European Centre for Connected Health (ECCH), was re-branded as the Centre for Connected Health and Social Care, Public Health Agency. The CCHSC describes its purpose as “to improve the patient and client experience, and to provide better quality and more effective care. By supporting the more efficient delivery of services…”

While we are pleased to see that the TF3 consortium is at last able to report some delivered service – we will leave aside for now the question of what outcomes being achieved – in the interests of transparency, would anyone in the know care to confirm or deny the rumour that of the £18 million cost quoted, the actual service cost is £12 million, and that £6 million is for running the Centre for Connected Health and Social Care?