Target busy moms for mHealth

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We don’t normally think of moms as heavy mobile users, but it seems they are. According to’s ‘Mobile Mom Report’, motherhood is a great stimulant for smartphone adoption and also changes how moms use their ‘constant companion’. 33% of those surveyed used their phones for health and wellness in the past month–50% more than the average user–in tracking their family’s health (60%) as well as researching health conditions (90%). Implications for healthcare? In FierceMobileHealthcare’s opinion, info on ‘pediatrics, personal health record access, scheduling, patient portals, and other mom-friendly access points’ are prime attractors from providers such as hospitals; perhaps customers for those SoloHealth Stations too. Put moms at the top…¬†

Update 8 April: More from; 46% took some form of action after seeing an ad on their smartphone. And tidbit in the comments that according to a survey from Moosylvania, smartphones will be the preferred way to access the internet by end of 2011 (their whitepaper, follow link in comment).