Scanadu's single point vital sign tracking previewed at WIRED

gimlet-eyeIf the videos of the WIRED Health Conference are any indication, it was a Quantified Self Fest akin to a day at a Renaissance Faire, minus the vittles, grog, the swirl of long dresses and the jingle of chain mail. The usual suspects like Craig Venter (genomics), Dr. Eric Topol and representatives from MIT, Google and GE are on the field as jousters…excuse me, presenters. The final straw for the Eye was Tim Ferriss, the 4-Hour Man, measuring his food on a first (and last) date (continuing to more, ah, compulsive measurement.) And two men discussing toenail growth was The Last Straw. By the end of Tuesday, the Eye would have been wearing a brace of sensors and demanding measurement, or measuring her favorite adult beverage at the nearest dispensary. Either would have set the Eye to gibberish mode, so all to the better that the videos of each session can be consumed, gingerly, like a box of truffles.

Editor Donna more soberly recommends further perusal of the videos by:

  • ‘Day in the Life’ Rick Smolan (chronicling the human face of ‘big data’, his own encounter with eldercaregiving + Eric Dishman’s magic carpet)
  • Dr. Wang and Dr. Roboto
  • Gen. Rhonda Cornum MD (USA, Ret.) on training for psychological fitness and resilience
  • Anand Dey on assessing older adult cognitive decline by the quality of the interaction with their pillboxes
  • And finally, a rare session with Andy Grove about price opacity and how seeming transparency can be manipulated. HealthcareITNews, Grove article in WIRED.