Patients want technology to manage own care–or do they?

Accenture’s online survey of 1,100 US residents on technology in managing healthcare has enough contrary bits to it that your head will turn, if not spin.

  • 90% want to self-manage their records¬†using technology¬†(appointment booking–72%, prescription refills–73%, want mobile access and information access–90%), but 85% of patients are not going to give up personal interactions.
  • Emails are still loved by 88% for preventative or follow-up care. 76% want the option of email consultations with their doctors. (A sure prescription for overloading doctors and offices without a care coordinator)
  • 83% want online access, but when it comes to management, it’s a split decision: 48% want the doctor to do it, 44% are DIY.
  • 46% are unaware if their records are available electronically.
  • 33% don’t know if services such as bill pay, electronic reminders and lab results are available to them online. Logical given the state of communication among hospital, doctor and patient.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the contrary consumer!

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