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Fortunately, I suspect that the Granagotchi, apart from having an instantly dislikable name, is still very much just a concept while the design company Smallfry fishes around for investor interest. Smallfry’s Director Steve May-Russell is reported by Engineering Talk as saying “Although some work has been done on high-tech patient monitoring systems, no-one in our view has yet paid sufficient attention to what ‘the customer’ wants and brought all the technology together in a user-friendly device.”

Wow! How’s that for patronising and alienating two sets of stakeholders all at the same time? I can hear quite a few people snorting at that claim, and talking about the potential end-users of such a device as ‘patients’ hardly indicates that he has done his homework. Curiously, Smallfry’s own irritatingly unsearchable flash-based website seems to contain no news about it. Engineering Talk article.