Automating patient check-in: kiosk or tablet?

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Another eWeek article on how patient check-in, payment and histories may become as self-service as checking in for your airline flight (only the exam won’t be done by TSA). One form is the Patient PassPort Express kiosk, designed by CTS (Connected Technology Solutions) for large clinic groups. Its latest unit will be wheelchair compatible and has compensatory features for the visually impaired. At the other end of the spectrum is Phreesia, which has put the same information on a tablet sized pad, which connects to EHR practice management databases and uses Elavon’s payment system. It also serves targeted advertising/health messages to provide a revenue stream for Phreesia. Self-service units replace medical office check-in paperwork Do read the comment on ‘an epidemic waiting to happen’. Related story: TA 17 Dec 10 on ‘TriageBots’ and discussion on Check In Pod in UK.