A Grass-Roots Effort to Grow Old at Home (US)

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Interesting article about the self-help ageing at home movement in the US. How would this concept, so embedded in the American culture of non-dependence on the state, translate into a UK or European context?

What’s missing from the article is any sense that people are thinking about technology that could support this movement – perhaps because the technology in the US is medically focused and that is seen as a later need. So there is probably an opportunity here for suppliers of telecare (of the social variety) to make the benefits of their technology more widely adopted. From the NY Times. Read both pages, by the way, and if you get an annoying pop-up first, it’s worth waiting for it to go away.

For contrast, you may like to read the following article from the Blue Ridge Business Journal about the pros and cons of resort-like ‘independent living communities’. The new definition of retiring well.