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GE Healthcare and Intel extend Health Guide to UK

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GE Healthcare and Intel Corporation announced today that they have extended their present joint sales and marketing agreement for the Intel Health Guide to include the UK.  With this, GE Healthcare is expanding their Home Health business, which is currently operating in the US with both the Intel Health Guide and GE QuietCare, to the UK, where it will be managed by Richard Rees-Davies.  Release.

[Steve's comment: What this means for Tunstall, which was named as Intel Health Guide's first UK 'channel partner' in November 2008 (Intel’s Health Guide launch into Europe), is not clear.  More recently, Tunstall has gone its own way with a telehealth product that is competitive with Health Guide, the RTX system they brought in from Denmark (How will FDA 510(k) clearance for RTX3371 affect Tunstall's relationship with Intel?), one of two related products prominently featured for telehealth on their website. 

The press release is also light on the history that Intel has with PCTs (primary care trusts), Health Trusts, carer organisations and policy makers in the UK.  Are there some success stories here, either via Tunstall or direct with Intel?  The only history of which I am aware dates back to October 2008 when Intel withdrew the WebVMC Remote Nurse - the forerunner of the Health Guide, after acquiring WebVMC - from the Cornwall WSD (Whole Systems Demonstrator) project, resulting in temporary manual/in-person collection of information which was clearly not the objective of the WSD. (Cornwall WSD soldiers on without Remote Nurse) We'll attempt to clarify - and comments are appreciated.]


[Donna Cusano--Intel response update, 7 January]  Christine Claus, Intel's Healthcare Marketing Manager, EMEA, responded to our inquiries on the questions Steve raised above and a bit more.  The joint agreement with GE does not affect other resellers of the Intel Health Guide.  She also provided a brief profile of the NHS Lothian (Scotland) pilot and subsequent expansion.  We thank her for her comments which follow (read more). 
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