Your Friday robot 'fix'; how to get a human's attention

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googly eyed simonYou’d think it would be the other way around, but no. Using a ‘socially expressive’ robot named Simon developed at Georgia Tech [TA 24 Nov], the research found that a robot can be programmed to gain a human’s attention even when that person is engaged in a task. Ed. Donna would think in the case of googly-eyed Simon (left) that it wouldn’t be difficult at all. Presented this week at the Human-Robot Interaction conference in Lausanne, Switzerland. Article. Georgia Tech release including video.

Ed. Steve’s addition to your fix: Otto the telehealth robot at McDowell Hospital in Marion, North Carolina. These mobile telemedicine carts should not be called ‘robots’ – and warning – another Jetsons reference. Note the comment by creeklobster.

Ed. Donna–agree–motorized telemedicine carts aren’t robots in the sense that Simon or his big brother Cody, or others we have covered that have a humanoid (or pet) aspect.  It would have been nice to know the developer of the cart, though…any guesses?


  1. Donna Cusano --Ed.

    John and creeklobster (in article comments) are referring to Otto’s use in telepsychiatry and later stroke in the ER. Aside from the ‘creep’ factor (there are people present though), if only used for this there’s a severe underutilization situation.