Wristwatch-style oximeter developed (Israel)

Israel-based OxiTone is the developer of a wrist-worn oximeter which measures blood oxygen levels continuously, sending the information via Bluetooth to a wearer’s smartphone. Oxygen saturation is a key vital sign for those with COPD. Current ‘pulse-ox’ meters are generally clipped to a fingertip or earlobe several times a day. Unlike these, this wristwatch style can be worn continuously (but Ed. Donna questions factors like comfort.) Other consumer uses for oximeters are for athletes monitoring oxygen blood levels during workouts. Currently in clinical trials in Israel and expected to be in-market by 2013. (The Times of Israel article contends it does not need FDA approval as it is a consumer device–a misconception due to unfamiliarity with US regulations, surely.) Wristwatch-style oximeter lets patients measure blood oxygen levels remotely OxiTone website (Mainly fact sheets).