WLSA opens a connected health 'commons'

The Wireless-Life Sciences Association (WLSA) held its annual Wireless Health event this week in San Diego, and a few of the highlights:

  • The WLSA announced their Connected Health World website (in beta) as a searchable, community sourced and user-friendly database of products, services, organizations, funding, research abstracts and collaboration opportunities. Basic listings appear to be free for now. WLSA release.
  • Driving by the seat of your pants again? UK company Plessey Semiconductors may have it, literally. Their specially equipped car seat has six sensors embedded under the back rest fabric to measure a driver’s ECG while driving. Originally developed at the University of Sussex, the EPIC sensor is licensed by Plessey and may be in market for autos sometime in 2014. Presumably the change in ECG will lead to an ‘awake alert’ which to Editor Donna is a lot more necessary than allergy alerts [TA 7 Aug]. Mobihealthnews.
  • Perpetua(l) power? Harnessing your personal thermal heat–OK, body heat–is the goal of Perpetua Power. Thermoelectric thin-film (a thermoelectric generator, or TEG) converts heat to electricity. This can power sensors, as demonstrated in a black jacket which will be tested by the Department of Homeland Security’s science and technology division (the same people who brought you full body scans at the airport.) Mobihealthnews.