Wire-free sleep monitor on market in Japan (US / Ireland)

Omron sleep monitorIt was developed at University College Dublin (UCD) and has gone on sale first in Japan: The Omron Sleep Design HSL-101 has been almost 10 years in the making and has cost more than €9 million. It has been developed by BiancaMed, a UCD spin-off. The device is aimed at people with troubled sleep patterns. The device measures sleep throughout the night and can report key sleep quality metrics, such as sleep onset time and total sleep time, wirelessly. According to the Irish Times, BiancaMed was acquired by US multinational ResMed last year and the was launched last week by Omron Healthcare in Japan. BiancaMed spokesman Colin Lawlor said the technology had the potential to be “huge”. “If you can monitor your sleep, you can manage it,” he said, “It can make specific recommendations as to how you can improve your sleep”. ResMed press release.