Will you save Doris? Or is she doomed?

At last there is a game you can justify playing at work! The challenging game Save Doris that was introduced by key safe provider Supra UK at the TSA conference last month is now online. The game highlights that not only do people need to have telecare devices located in the appropriate places but that paramedics must have immediate access to the home – via a police-approved key safe, of course! Play it and you may win a prize even if, like editor Steve, you bomb first time. It’s a test of the ability to locate the required devices against the clock and of memory (although you can use the ‘info’ button). To boost your score you need to ‘save’ more than one person…if you think you know telecare we dare you to try to beat the highest score…or are you chicken?! Save Doris. (Hint: Read the instructions first!)

[Disclosure – Supra UK has been a Telecare Aware advertiser.]