Telemedicine – Where are the doctors when you need one?

“Telecare for the elderly and chronically ill is also a key application facilitated by visual communication. It offers a call centre style of consultation, available 24/7.”

Now, does he mean ‘telecare’ as in the UK’s notion of extended community alarm services? Very few of those offer videoconferencing. Or is this a superordinate use of ‘telecare’ as in meaning ‘health care at a distance’, or is it a reflection of services wherever it is the author works?  (Where that is, we cannot tell from the article, although his name and the later reference to Sicily and the European term ‘teleassistance’ may be clues.) I pounce on this usage merely to highlight again the need for some consistent, internationally agreed terminology.

That said, the item is a wide-ranging look at telemedicine, with a European focus. Read it here.