West Health, Naval Medical Center Kinect-ing for rehab

In what is a clear example of the West Health Institute’s new direction [TA 18 Oct], they are partnering with the Naval Medical Center of San Diego to conduct clinical trials of the West Health-developed Reflexion Rehabilitation Measurement Tool (RMT). RRMT uses Microsoft Kinect, running on Windows 7, to customize a patient musculoskeletal rehabilitation exercise program, provide patients with real-time feedback and record it for therapist review to determine progress and what changes may be needed in the exercise regimen. The Naval Medical Center’s interest is of course centered around Navy and Marine service members and veterans with major musculoskeletal post-surgical and rehabilitative needs. Information Week. iMedical Apps. West Health webpage.

2 thoughts on “West Health, Naval Medical Center Kinect-ing for rehab

  1. So it’s an example of ‘telecoaching’ rather than ‘telehealth’ in the sense we usually use it?

  2. Yes…and here we have another term!

    There’s lessons here for patient engagement in telehealth. 1) The patient education aspect, 2) quick feedback in real-time and 3) professional review to determine progress and adjustments. It beats sending your readings into the ‘void’ 😉

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