WellDoc profiled in Wireless Week

Wireless Week takes a look at WellDoc’s mobile phone based Diabetes Manager, AT&T’s imprimatur [TA 15 Oct] and likes what it sees: claiming in clinical trials an average drop in blood glucose of 2.8% versus Merck’s 0.7% for its latest drug.  If only the insurance companies could ‘see the love’ to the extent claimed in this slightly ‘puffy’ article: WellDoc claims an average savings on annual cost per patient of $800 to $1,200.  But some sound advice from president Anand Iyer: “if you can leverage the wireless medium, and provide patients with the clinical coaching, education, behavior support in a manner that fits their lifestyle, you win.” WellDoc taps cell phones… A view at slight variance is from David Doherty at 3G Doctor Blog.