Weekend reading: Technology as an enabler

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A long, thoughtful post by Fariba Rahbary, a pharmacist, on the Center for Connected Health blog, on how healthcare technology unites and not separates us, will help us navigate an increasingly complex system, will make office visits more meaningful and efficient, help moderate the ‘demand side’….whew. And on top of it, the responsibility of the healthcare provider “to closely safeguard patients against the unethical and unnecessary use of new and evolving technology in health care and to advocate for its proper and responsible use in our society.” (Double whew!) Technology as an enabler


  1. cathy stephenson

    This is a good article and includes just the sort of business case arguments many of us within the UK Public Sector will be making as we look to re-engineer our services.

    I fear that the length of the article and some of the chunky paragraphs may deter the very people who would benefit most from reading it. It would be great to see it represented in more bite-size pieces …