Watching while you work and play

[Item originally flagged up in ‘News Items submitted by Readers’. In this case, David Carter]

BBC report and video of teleheath/telecare (lifestyle) monitoring. Why they had to go to France for the story is a bit of a mystery. Perhaps the reporter fancied a jolly few days away. Still, nice to hear of some French telecare for a change, even if it looks like the research experiments in the UK five years ago.

Projet Gerhome site (French) (English).

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  1. French Home sounds like US “smart homes”
    In the US we’ve had such concept homes now in their 2nd or even 3rd iteration–e.g. the University of FL “smart home”. No wonder why Mr. Kleisterlee, CEO of Philips, states that home health delivery is a problem of coordination, not technology!

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