Wireless med reminder test improves compliance by 27%

Who needs chips in pills here? The Center for Connected Health has announced the results of their six-month test of Vitality GlowCaps’ wireless medication reminder for pill bottles [TA 22 Jan and prior]. 139 patients with hypertension who were taking an antihypertensive medication were put into three test groups, two of which received the GlowCaps, plus two different levels of support or intervention. Results? Their compliance rate (taking medications on time) was 98% and 99% which was 27 points higher than the control.  It also proved another point–that the reminders work best with some clinical information and support.  Vitality is also testing with Express Scripts [TA 3 March].  The good news is that this is a ‘here and now’ product that you can buy on Amazon.    Information Week articleCenter for Connected Health release.