VA testing robotic exoskeleton (US)

From (of all places) the New York Post, is a report on the Veterans Administration in what seems to be their first test of the Argo ReWalk exoskeleton [TA 15 Oct]. Lt. Ian James Brown, a former Air Force pilot who lost the use of his legs in a motorcycle accident in 2002, is learning how to use the ‘suit’–which takes practice–at the Bronx VA Hospital. It’s remarkably informative for a non-technical Sunday news item, especially on how it works. Price is high at $90,000, but for paraplegics and quadriplegics, it is a miracle. And you get one of the NY Post’s patented punny headlines! Vet’s a miracle walker. Article and video from the Telegraph (UK) this past April from Naidex in Birmingham. Website.