Tynetec acquires Aid Call Healthcare (UK)

We flagged up in February that changes were happening in the relationship between Age UK (ex Age Concern and Help the Aged – refresh your memory of the issues here) and Aid Call. Today’s announcement that the telecare operation [not quite, see clarification below, Ed Steve] of Aid Call has been acquired by Tynetec is a welcome indication that more rationalisation of telecare services is, at last, on the way. With the new Government putting a tight squeeze on public service spending and operations, councils and other organisations that run small community alarm services will look at the case for outsourcing, but a healthy market for such services depends on having a number of independent suppliers that can achieve the required economies of scale. Tynetec press release with information on the acquisition (PDF)

CLARIFICATION UPDATE 29 July 2010: Tynetec has acquired Aid Call’s Healthcare division, which includes its Nursecall systems. Age UK will continue to promote and operate its dispersed alarm monitoring business through its Personal Care Division. Tynetec will be integrating its range of telecare products the into the Nursecall systems.

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