Tunstall's new icp: 73 out of 100

Tunstall today trumpeted the launch of icp (integrated care platform), its next generation suite of telehealth solutions which, from the picture on the top left of its new website, looks remarkably like its old next generation suite.

With the icp press release and the new site, hopes in the telecare and telehealth community that Gil Baldwin, Tunstall’s new CEO, would pull the plug on the company’s hype machine were surely dashed. I [Ed. Steve] ran the press release through David Meerman Scott’s Gobbledygook Grader and it scored 73 out of 100 – a record Tunstall low. Gobbledygook is defined as words that are overused and lack specific meaning. If the Grader had included the meaningless ‘platform’ amongst its gobbledygook words it would have scored even lower. Take the following link and scroll down to Content Analyzed to read the Tunstall press release in the context of the Gobbledygook Grader and see what sense you make of it. And if anyone from Tunstall would like to explain in plain English just what the ipc is and how it qualifies as ‘next generation’, the comment link is just below, over to the right.