Telecare Services Association appoints Telehealth Development Manager

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Jane is a registered nurse with an MSc in Health Care Studies and a PGDip in Research. She has extensive experience in the telehealth sector, working as Research Associate in the Telehealth Trials Unit, University of Oxford. She also has a strong commercial background, having worked at a senior level in health care informatics for over 10 years.

[Telehealth Trials Unit? I always Google things I’ve not heard of…the nearest I could find was the Department of Primary Healthcare Research Group (see this, which looks like it relates to the work of t+medical which is an Oxford spin-off). I will be delighted to be pointed in another direction. Steve ]


  1. John Shanahan

    Telehealth Trials Unit

    …a pointer in another direction might be HDTI at Coventry university. I believe they have a product trials unit. Athough not eclusively dedicated to telehealth, they told me at Naidex that they very much welcome telehealth projects. I could give a link to their website, but as we are in the ‘knowledge economy’ I present a You Tube video link instead!


  2. Steve Hards

    HDTI video
    Thanks John, nice find. Yes, HDTI are doing some interesting things. Steve